Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stockpile Picture of All Detergent!

Check out my 20 bottles of All detergent.  I bought 20 bottles for 50¢ each.  How did I do it?  Here is where I originally told you about the deal.

I price matched Big Lots with their sale on All for $2/5
Used (20) 01/03 RP insert for $2/1 detergent 32 oz or higher
After price match and coupon .50¢/each

*Note: One Walmart did tell me that they do not price match Big Lots because it is a closeout store.   So, I will not be price matching Big Lots again.  I went ahead and did it this time because I had already purchased the coupons from Ebay.


  1. Just stopping by!!! Great job on your ALL deal :o)!!!! So did you buy all 20 at once?? I'm always scared to buy more than 4 to 5 of the same items when I use coupons. So I usually end up making many trips if I have lots of coupons!!!

  2. Mandy ~ I had to go to four different stores. I usually will break up transactions too over several days if I have the opportunity too. Since I ordered my coupons off of Ebay I had only one day to use all of them.

    The problem with buying several of them at once is one store doesn't usually have enough on hand to do it all at once which is what happened to me, so I went to FOUR stores, YUCK!

  3. I did that deal too! I also had one Walmart say no but three others in my area did not have a problem.

    Target was wonderful at matching this deal!

    Isn't saving fun?


I promise to reply.

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