Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Show & Tell: Garage Sale Finds

I love going to garage sales in the fall.  Here are this past weekends garage sale finds. 
Here are some jeans, knit pants, and a shirt for my lovely daughter. $1 an item. I usually don't buy a lot of her clothes at garage sales but since our new destructive member of our family destroys her clothes when she goes out into the backyard I was happy to find some play/dog proof clothes.
The next thing I got was a dog house for our new puppy.  Well, I guess she isn't new anymore she's 5 months old and destructive as hell.  I bought it for $30 which I thought I was a little high and I wasn't sure she we would even go in it.  But as you can see she is happy as a lark in it (well not that happy but happy).  She supposed to be in an inside dog but we are having a hard time training her.  Next week hopefully is obedience training.
I've been looking for a long time for a carseat and I happened to find one this weekend.  One thing that always amazes me when I buy baby items are how dirty they are.  I can't believe people actually put their kids in that kind of filth.  But luckily it is usually always washable and I always wash it when it comes from a garage sale.  I plan on using this carseat for Meme's house since it only has a year left (carseats have a 7 year life for safety) but that wasn't the only reason I wanted this Britax Marathon carseat.  I've been trying to find a used cover CHEAP so I can take it apart and make another cover for my daughter's original Britax Marathon and let me tell you they aren't cheap even the yucky ones.  I got this carseat for $9.

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