Friday, February 25, 2011

Target: Free Cat Food, Pants, & Thermal Carrier

2 Whisker Lickins cat treats 89¢
Used: Printable $1/1 Purina cat or dog treats coupon
FREE + 11¢ in overage

20 Goodlife Cat Food 77¢/each
Used: $1/1 Goodlife recipe for cats coupon (1/2 rp)
FREE + 23¢ in overage

8 Market Pantry Frozen Veggies 99¢/each
Used: Target coupon $1/4 frozen veggies
FREE from the overage from previous items

Insulated tote bag $3.99
FREE WYB 6 frozen items this week
This is a regional promotion.  Some areas are offering a $5 gift card WYB 7 frozen food items.  I would have rathered this but the tote is really nice too.

Capris on clearance $4.50
Used: $5.00 Target coupon (no longer available)
FREE + 50¢ Overage

It is very rare for me anyways to get overage at Target or not to have any hassles.  This was a pleasant shopping trip with lots of overage and a happy shopper.

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