Friday, April 1, 2011

Diapers From

Here are the diapers I have bought so far from  According to my is how many I would use and how many I have so far.


8-10 diapers a day?
9/day x 7 = 63
63/week x 4 = 252/month
Size N

Size 1 – Swaddler Sensitive
(8-14 lb)
2-3 months stayed in this weight range

Size 2
(12-18 lb)
3-4 months stayed in this weight range

Size 3
(16-28 lb)
1-2 years stayed in this weight range
Here's what I paid....depending on the coupons used.  I usually used (2) 20% coupons together or I used (1) 20% + $10 coupon and always except for maybe once or twice because I forgot used Amazon mom which saves you an additional 30%.  But, as all good thing must come to an end I tried to use some coupons today to order even more diapers and it wouldn't let me.  Up until now I was able to use expired coupons that dated back until Nov. & Dec. but now the one's expiring even just yesterday 3/31/11 said they were expired.  I thought this might happen since the latest coupons were coming from March magazines and I hadn't heard of any other one's with later dates.  But, I was just too tired to get on my computer and order them last night.  Oh would have only been only one other box of diapers anyways.   Hopefully, Amazon will continue to put out these diaper coupons so I can continue to stock up on diapers.

This is on average what I paid.  Some were smaller boxes but, I didn't move the boxes for fear they would all come tumbling down on my head.  When they arrived in the mail I wrote the original price and price paid on the box with a sharpie for future reference.

Size 1
192 count
Originally $44.79
Paid $19.11

Size 2
248 count
Originally $62.09
Paid : $18.62

Size 3
174 count
Originally: 51.44
Paid: 15.72

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