Monday, March 3, 2014

Banana Bread - Neighbor Thank You Gift

I gave banana bread to our neighbor as a thank you gift for snow blowing our driveway.  He is the sweetest thing ever! He comes over EVERY time it snows and does our drive way.   I always try and give him something to show my appreciation. This is what I gave him last year, well that one was for our previous neighbors, but it was basically the same thing.  That's the great thing about moving you can recycle the ideas you used on your previous neighbors.

This year I gave him banana bread.  I love giving banana bread as you can see here and here!  It is really easy to make and I had some mini bread loaf pans left over from Christmas.  Remember I bought more of them so I could use them through out the year.  What can you really buy for $1 anymore?  Not much I tell ya.  I printed these cute little labels off a while back to use and this made for the perfect presentation. Packing says a lot so make it look pretty! 

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