Monday, March 3, 2014

Cat Rings Tell Bell To Be Let Out!

Ok so I have used the bells on the ribbon before. Yes, they did work as intended but my dog refused to use her nose and would hit them with her paw and scratch up my door. Me no likey! So back to the drawing board.  I went online searching for something and came across something called "Tell Bell." Sounded easy enough it is like an old fashioned bell that you used to see on desks to alert someone you were there "waiting."

I bought it. My dog does use it. But it came with two bells but almost always just use the one I trained her to which was the front door bell.  My great plan was to train her to use the front door for "potty" and the back door for "play." Yeah, she not that smart.  I still leave the back door one out and she will occasionally ring it.

So to the original point of this story. Me and Payton were sitting in the living room where you cannot see the bell and heard it ding.  Say what? We knew it wasn't the dog because she was laying in front of the fireplace passed out baking. We both said, "Was that, Rascal, the cat?" I told my husband who pretends to hate the cat and swore he couldn't ring the bell, that he wasn't "smart enough." So he had me being skeptical since we had never actually "seen" the cat ring the bell - only heard him. I thought maybe he accidentally had been stepping on it since he does go to the door when he wants out and prances around and meows. 

Then my daughter, Payton decided to record him in the act.  Here he is ringing the Tell Bell to be let out.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat. He goes out during the day but comes in at night.  He goes into his own room at night so he doesn't get to the Tell Bell during the night or would probably drive us crazy ringing it to be let out! Can you believe the dog trained the cat to use the bell?

Excuse the length of the video it is taken by a 7 year old.  I will have to post a longer one soon.

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