Monday, March 3, 2014

Dog Party Invitation & Dog Cake!

Well I can't believe a year has already passed and so that means it's dog party time - again.  Our sweet friends love their dog. I mean really l.o.v.e. their dog.  Well at least the wife and kids do. The jury is still out for the husband.  I only say that because he thinks it is absolutely ludicrous to throw a dog a birthday party.  And while I agree it is a little outlandish I too have been known to throw my own dog a birthday party and she has also been known to get presents under the tree at Christmas just like the really babies do.  We call her our fur baby so I understand that's why I enable help her:)

Here are the invitations I came up with this year.  I used the same Weimaraner silhouette I used last year because I still think it is adorable and really the "dog" doesn't know.
Girl Dog Party Invites

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