Saturday, October 17, 2015

DIY Halloween Window Silhouette

I love Halloween! This year I got pretty creative and did a Halloween display. I had found this image awhile back and thought it was just too cute. I love Halloween but without all the gorey scary stuff. I like the cutesy decorations. My girls will agree. LOL.

One of the best parts about this is it is easy to remove and doesn't leave any residue behind and is completely customizable to your space/window. We are in an apartment now so pretend those dirty windows are part of the decoration. We are on the second floor and didn't want to hang outside to clean them.  Yeah, that's what we will agree on, right?

Forgive the photos they are from my iPhone. I was being lazy.
projector for window display
Here is the overhead set up to project onto the window. I used a TV tray to get it to the right height.

halloween silhouette on projector
Put the transparency on the overhead projector.

cute halloween silhouette
Project your image up onto the window to make sure you have it properly placed.

pencil traced silhouette
I put some scotch tape up to keep the Magic Cover up in place and traced the projected outline with a pencil.

material for window silhouette
Here is what I'm using to put it on the window. I had to order mine off of Amazon. It's called Magic Cover and it sticks to the window but it comes off clean. It is also double sided black. Meaning this will show black on both sides. Love it. But not that it comes in 24 ft! Looks like I will be finding lots of projects to use this on.

black out material for silhouette
Here is the Magic Cover traced. Can you see the pencil lines? It is just enough to see to cut it out.

halloween window silhouette
 I had to divide my silhouette into 3 parts. I decided to put the center of it straight down the middle of the girl since this would be the easiest. Here is the first part cut out.

black cover for window display
 When I started sticking the silhouette to the window I put the top on first then slowly pressed down with my hand will I moved the paper backing away as I went down.

window black out
Here it is going up. My photo bomber in place as usual. My husband told me I'd have to take it down if the dog started barking excessively at it. It was a 50/50 chance but she's good with it:)

I loved how it turned out and I've had lots of neighbors complement it as well. Looks like another project I will be repeating.

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