Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Window Silhouette

black silhouette

St. Nick is on his way! I love doing these window silhouettes since we've been in apartment. It's the biggest space to decorate so I take advantage of it. I love looking at regular store window displays. I got my inspiration from this image that is posted below and tweaked it to my liking. I have two girls so the second child that looked like a boy had to be changed to a girl. I added a pony tail with a bow. BAM! A girl appeared.  I loved the cute little dog but we have a Dalmatian. I did originally change that too but when I started placing the pieces the dog didn't fit because of the divider between the windows. Overall I love how it turned out. I had estimated on my Halloween display that I would get several displays out of one roll of the magic cover but this is it. I am officially all out. If you want to see more details about how I do these head over here to the Halloween silhouette post.
window display

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